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TectTalk VMware onBluemix

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VMware on Bluemix, create your own hybrid cloud environment.

Due to growing or even shrinking business, your internal IT infrastructure may need to be adjusted. With an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud environment, you are extremely flexible.

Your Hybrid Cloud environment has never been so easy and safe, from a central management platform, you can easily migrate existing workloads to Bluemix.

With the VMware on Tectrade Bluemix service, you can run virtual machines and infrastructure as a cloud service. Unique collaboration allows workloads to be easily migrated with standard VMware tools without reinstallation or conversion. Your migration is faster, more efficient and your costs are lower. During the webinar, we will tell you all about this unique collaboration and show you how to assemble your dedicated hybrid cloud in a few steps.

Check out the replay and invite Tectrade’s Solution Architect Bo-Nathan London to discuss the specific benefits and capabilities of this solution.

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