Big Data & Analytics

Gain the maximum benefit from your Big Data with our Storage & Analytics solutions

Your organization creates and collects more data than ever before. This offers unprecedented possibilities for market insights and revolutionary business decisions. However, to make use of these possibilities, your big data storage must be well organized and you must know how to analyze the data.

Unlock the value of your business data

Although your organization generates and collects terabytes of data, its value evaporates when it is spread across different systems and silos. If you want to unlock this value, then structure your data such that it can be easily accessed and centralized for analysis purposes.

Our approach – Big Data Storage & Analytics

Together with you the experts from Tectrade analyze which data you generate and collect, and where it is currently stored (if it is stored). As soon as we have a clear understanding of your business objectives and ambitions, we examine which insights help you to achieve your objectives.

The big data storage architecture that we ultimately design, offers you both the maximum value for your money, as well as direct access to data for analysis and decision-making. This may be a brand new on-premise solution, a reconfiguration of your existing architecture, storage and analytics capacity in the cloud, or a combination of these elements. With more than 2 decades experience and an international team of specialists, we have been offering our customers reliable advice, solutions and services for many years. We have built up in-depth knowledge of data architectures, data protection and security, but we also have insight into how organizations can obtain value from this vast, ever growing volume of data.

Why Tectrade?

Tectrade has an impressive track record in the area of delivering streamlined, efficient big data storage solutions and services to some of the most complex organizations in the world. We only work with the most advanced technologies and reliable suppliers available in the market. You are therefore guaranteed to benefit and not only from the best expertise, but also from the best technological solutions to give your company or institution a big boost with Big Data Storage & Analytics. As an independent service provider we work with suppliers such as IBM, EMC, NetApp, HP, Cisco and VMware to offer robust, stable data architectures to our customers. We choose the best software-based and integrated solutions on the basis of your company objectives, requirements, wishes and specific Big Data & Analytics questions. And if you want we offer a pay-per-use solution via a SaaS-service, or both OPEC as CAPEX based models via flexible finance options.

Please make an appointment with our experts to obtain the maximum benefit from your data! Please contact us  via or +31 (0)345 547040.

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