Data Protection

Specialist in the area of Enterprise-Wide Data Protection

Data is the heart of your organization; protection of business data is crucial.
Your organization could not survive without data. And the manner in which data is stored, managed and protected can make the difference between a bad company, a good company and a fantastic company.

Your organization has a continual need for more and different data. Data protection in combination with the accessibility and availability of data is thereby an ever greater challenge. And if you are not able to overcome this, you endanger your entire company: from your daily processes through to your SLAs and legal commitments.

Effective systems for back-up and recovery are crucial

With help from Tectrade, data protection becomes second nature. In partnership with you we find the right solutions in the area of software, storage, back-up, high availability and data recovery. And we will show you how you can effortlessly protect your increasing volumes of data.

If you want, we can also take full responsibility for this activity. Thanks to our managed back-up services you never have to worry again about data protection and your IT teams can focus all their attention to supporting, improving and transforming your organization.

Why Tectrade?

Do you want to know why we have the solution? We have been working on data protection since the start of this century – and we only stop looking when we find the perfect solution for you. Tectrade offers:

  • the ultimate combination of skills and experience;
  • solutions on the basis of proven, enterprise class technology;
  • on-site, private cloud and managed services;
  • an obsession with creating measurable results.

Data protection

Tectrade works with the smartest tools that are available on the market for data protection to create a consistent back-up and disaster recovery strategy for your private and public cloud environments. Consider, for instance, the solutions from among others IBM (Spectrum Protect/Tivoli), Zerto and Rubrik.

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