Server and Storage Infrastructure

Reach new levels of scalability, availability and flexibility

A data infrastructure must provide sufficient performance, flexibility and availability. Only by doing this you can book efficiency gains.

Management organizations sometimes struggle with aging systems, applications and data infrastructures. A data infrastructure that is ready for the world of Enterprise Hybrid IT, supports business goals, is extremely flexible and scalable. But he must also provide the right performance to effectively provide the business with a good service. In short: IT that is reliable!

With us you are at the right place. Tectrade is an expert in ordering in a chaotic environment, in renewing existing infrastructures, increasing performance, availability and cloud ready or cloud enabled data architectures.

We will not help you to stuff your data in a large closet so you do not stumble over it. Instead, we’ll put everything in the right place, ready for use when you need it and at the right cost.

How this is going to work?

  • First of all, we learn to know your organization, goals, ambitions and commitments.
  • Then we will map your current environment as closely as possible.
  • As soon as we know where everything is – and where your business wants – we look for all possible solutions and we seek reliable suppliers. Together we find that one solution or service, or a combination that best suits your needs.

Whatever the solution – it gives you better insight, easier monitoring and management. In other words, we are preparing your data infrastructure for the current world of Enterprise Hybrid IT. We make data retention, it can quickly adapt and expand a lot easier.

Our team of experts offers a complete plan of your current environment to a new cloud ready, flexible, dynamic data infrastructure that is ready for the world of Enterprise Hybrid IT. And if you want, we also provide complete care through comprehensive monitoring, support and management services, as well as Cloud and IT Outsourcing.

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