Evergreen Storage: one All-Inclusive Storage Ownership

Do you also want to be ready for storage?

Evergreen Storage is the All-Inclusive Storage Ownership of all-flash provider Pure Storage. Evergreen Storage extends the life cycle of storage and ensures up-to-date technology and functionality of your storage systems. This will only improve your storage if you work longer. You only need to indicate how much capacity you want to decrease and get the fastest performance.

In addition, you benefit from all the benefits of Pure Storage: effortless installation and management, efficient data storage and a controlled, lower TCO. This way you’re really done with storage and put an end to your storage irritations!

No cost and complexity of implementing new technology.

During the TectTalk we talk to you about the many advantages in each phase of the property like:

  • All software is standard at every purchase, so expansion of capacity does not lead to unnecessary license complexity.
  • Guaranteed effective capacity by contract for the first 6 months.
  • Never more downtime
  • Forever Maintenance
  • Upgrade on the Fly
  • Flat en faire maintenance and support rates

You will learn how a storage subscription helps you reduce concerns and costs for maintenance, updates, software, and technological upgrades. We will not only zoom in on the Evergreen Storage program based on modular flash arrays, but also on the flash technology where they are built and with which Pure Storage solutions seamlessly match the changing business needs.

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