Enterprise Security

Data protection and enterprise security: a burning issue?

Data security and business continuity are of fundamental importance in the world of Enterprise Security and Hybrid IT.

Keeping business critical data secure, protected and compliant is an enormous responsibility in a complex world full of many kinds of devices. We will gladly take care of all (or part of) your activities!

The right approach for data security, back-up and recovery (that guarantees that you satisfy your SLAs and compliance obligations) is different for each organization and is tuned to your specific infrastructure and to your current and future requirements.

We provide you with insight into your requirements and create the appropriate solution so that your Enterprise Security is well organized!

With our extensive knowledge and experience we offer you:

  • Customized implementation, based on proven, enterprise class data protection technologies.
  • On-premise-, cloud- and hybrid architectures for maximum security and efficiency.
  • Effective removal of duplicate data and data archiving for an optimal application of storage capacity.
  • Managed services (i.e. we can completely take over this heavy responsibility).

Tectrade will be pleased to help you to become a secure Enterprise!

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