Hybrid Cloud

Is the hybrid cloud the best solution for you?

Lower costs, more flexibility. It can be a smart idea to migrate your data, applications or infrastructure to the cloud,
or hybrid cloud. However, there are so many possibilities that it is important to look closely at what is appropriate for your organization!

How do you achieve the greatest benefits from the cloud?

There are many reasons to migrate: less investment expenditure, more speed and flexibility, a lower TCO and a higher utilization of your resources. However there are many possibilities and not all organizations are the same. It is important to closely examine which options are exactly appropriate for your organization, so that you can achieve the maximum benefit.

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Are you still considering which solution is the most appropriate for your organization? Then stop and think and do not make any hasty decisions. Before you (further) enter into the world of cloud, it is important to identify the objectives, requirements and ambitions of your organization. Which role do your data, applications and infrastructure play? Can you utilize your current IT investments better and do you possibly need new solutions? Once this is identified, you not only know whether the cloud is suitable for you, but also what it is suitable for, which kind of hybrid solution is appropriate and which choice you can best make.

Confidently in the cloud with Tectrade

Tectrade will be pleased to analyze all these things together with you and assist you in getting the maximum benefit from the cloud, without any associated disadvantages. We propose an approach on the basis of public, private or hybrid cloud. We design and build the infrastructure and data management architecture that delivers the performance you need for the best price. Making the maximum use of cloud potential requires specialized knowledge and skills, which are normally difficult to find within your own organization. Acquiring such knowledge within your organization is very pricey. Tectrade therefore offers a wide range of cloud services. The management of your cloud solution is no longer a burden. You have one SLA for your private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure, you pay for what you use and have an expert team which you can always fall back on.

We will be pleased to help you acquire the perfect cloud solution!

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